Business agility – that rare mix of innovativeness, responsiveness, and resilience – is hard to define and even more difficult to achieve. Most organizations seeking to be more agile attempt various techniques to get their people to deal better with change. And yet, agility generally remains out of reach.

Jason BloombergBusiness agility expert and thought leader Jason Bloomberg, President of Intellyx, has the answer – revamping how the enterprise leverages its Information Technology (IT). “The modern enterprise runs on its technology infrastructure,” explains Bloomberg. “And yet, for most organizations, technology gets in the way of business agility. The good news: we can fix that problem. We can put IT back in the business agility driver’s seat where it belongs.”

Given the furious rate of change in the technology landscape, as the overlapping forces of Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Mobile Technologies transform the playing field, it is absolutely essential for today’s business executives to understand how to leverage their IT assets for competitive advantage.

Bring Jason Bloomberg into your organization or conference for a thought-provoking, provocative keynote. He is adept at speaking to general business audiences, technology-savvy business audiences, and technical audiences.

Jason Bloomberg has spent his decades-long career at the intersection of business and technology. He has spoken at hundreds of conferences, as well as on numerous Webinars, Podcasts, and video presentations. He is especially adept at placing complex technology concepts into a clear business context that educates and informs without condescension.


What people are saying about Jason Bloomberg.
  • Thanks Jason. We appreciate your depth of knowledge and your obvious goal of gaining real understanding before reporting. I think it's a solid article that adds to the state of the art.
    Dean Leffingwell, Director, Scaled Agile, Inc.
  • Your enthusiasm and expertise were ingredients in this being the best opening session, and best overall conference, we have had. Filemaker
    Steve Ruddock, Filemaker
  • The training Jason provided was the best spend of training dollars I have ever used. Not only was the course material excellent, but Jason is extremely knowledgeable and a gifted speaker/teacher. Inmar
    Mike Kavis, Vice President Digital Promotions Systems, Inmar
  • I appreciate a lot that you kept the course vendor independent and stressed the architecture rather than the technology. That was the most valuable lesson that I took away from the course, which one should apply broadly in our industry. Canadian Bank Note Co.
    Anton Kalkovski, Canadian Bank Note Co.
  • Just a quick e-mail to say how much I enjoyed last week’s seminar. Starting from a baseline of not a great deal of technical knowledge in this field, I had been a little daunted when it became apparent that I was the only ‘honorary’ architect in a group of ACTUAL architects but I needn’t have feared too much. So thank you for dispelling myths, imparting wisdom and for delivering the material in a way that was understood by techies and mere mortals alike! Scottish Government
    Gary Fairley, Scottish Government Office of Security & Information Assurance
  • I’ve always judged teachers and instructors by their ability to speak in complete sentences. Mr. Bloomberg was outstanding. His knowledge of the industry was impressive. US Government
    Bruce Cox, US Government

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