If you would like to bring Jason Bloomberg or Charles Araujo into your organization, either to speak or provide advisory, please email us at agility@intellyx.com.

If you are a reporter and you would like Jason Bloomberg or Charles Araujo to provide an analyst quote, please contact them directly at jason@intellyx.com or charles@intellyx.com, respectively.

If you are a PR person, please read the following instructions.

How to Pitch a Company or Story Idea

IntellyxAt Intellyx, we come up with all our own story ideas. Therefore, Intellyx does not accept story idea pitches. We will not respond to any emails with story ideas.

Intellyx conducts regular analyst briefings with vendors in the enterprise technology space. If you represent a vendor that is disrupting its market, its competition, or the digital landscape in general, you may send your pitch to pr@intellyx.com.

Please be sure your email is text only. We do not load images or download files from people we don’t know.

Also be sure to put the pitch itself in the first paragraph of your email. Who is the vendor, why should we talk to them, and what is interesting about their news?

If the vendor is in the blockchain space, be sure to tell us what problem it is solving and why blockchain is the best and only way to solve it.

Generally speaking, funding announcements or new hires are not particularly interesting — but there are exceptions to this rule.

We only conduct briefings with vendors in the enterprise technology space. If the vendor is in the consumer technology space — or your news doesn’t involve technology at all — then don’t expect a response.

Still reading? Please email your pitch to pr@intellyx.com.