The Immutability of Data

Jason Bloomberg reported, “Perhaps the best part of speaking at Dataversity’s NoSQL Now conference is the opportunity to channel my inner geek. This show brings out […]

The Battle of the Agile Curmudgeons? Forbes on SAFe

Forbes was agile enough to interview me and publish this article on SAFe in less than a week! Thanks to Jason Bloomberg, who specializes on covering […]

Scaling Agile Software Development for Digital Transformation

True digital transformation initiatives require change at multiple levels of the organization. Revamping the customer experience with digital technologies is never a superficial change, as it […]

Beware Thought Leadership Surveys that are Worse than Useless

“Never believe anything you read on the Internet.” – Abraham Lincoln Honest Abe never spoke a truer word – even though he didn’t say anything of […]