Why a Vendor is Really Adding JavaScript/JSON Support

I attended Dataversity’s NoSQL Now! Conference last week, and among the many vendors I spoke with, one story caught my interest. This vendor (who alas must […]

Teaching Computers to Understand Meaning: From Banking to Healthcare

In spite of the plethora of intelligent, talking computers familiar from the movies, we all realize that our real-world computers – from the most monstrous machine […]

ePharma Buzz- 8/22

Digital Transformation Moves Pharma ‘Beyond the Pill’, Forbes– “The pharma companies are trying to figure out what to do. The competitors are the generics: identical and cheaper. […]

Delta: Corporate Social Media Done Right

In my latest Cortex newsletter I referred to “tone deaf” corporations who have flexible technology like corporate social media in place, but lack the organizational flexibility […]