Digital Transformation, Innovation, Optimization, and Disruption: Spin the Dial

Imagine for a moment you’re in the woods, trying to climb to the top of a nearby mountain – only you’ve lost your way, and you’re […]
Michael Ellyett

TOGAF – it doesn’t really work, most of the time for most organizations

Jason Bloomberg is right to point to the failure of traditional EA, and TOGAF (he should look at tradition Project Management in IT, which is even […]
George Orwell

Amazon’s Latest Sortie in Hachette Battle: Propaganda or Disruption?

At 2:00 AM Eastern Time on this Saturday morning August 9th, all Amazon Kindle Direct authors received an email from the Amazon mother ship, making the […]
Digital Strategy Innovation Summit

See Three Different Perspectives on Agile Architecture

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Agile Architecture drum I’ve been beating for the last few years is how multifaceted the topic is. Sometimes […]