Once again, the fool reigns supreme.

Enterprise Architecture: Don’t Be a Fool with a Tool

Last month I referred to the cult comedy Office Space when I posed the question, Is Enterprise Architecture Completely Broken? After speaking with two authorities on […]
Digital Strategy Innovation Summit

Jason Bloomberg to Speak at Digital Strategy Innovation Summit

On the topic “Why Enterprise Digital Strategies Must Drive IT Modernization” Sept. 25 in San Francisco GLENS FALLS NY AND SAN FRANCISCO CA, August 6, 2014 […]

SnapLogic: Because Bulldozers and Buses Don’t Fly

Have you ever wished that enterprise integration were as simple as snapping together LEGO Blocks? That’s the vision of San Mateo, California-based SnapLogic. The brainchild of […]

The Paradox of Self-Organizing Teams

What’s wrong with this scenario? Bob, your VP of Engineering brings a ScrumMaster, a Java developer, a UX (user experience) specialist, and a Linux admin into […]