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What We Really Mean by Digital Transformation

Want to know a secret? I loathe the phrase Digital Transformation. Not only is the word Digital silly and misleading, but Transformation ain’t much better. The […]
David Linthicum

Don’t get left behind. Become an agile enterprise.

Cloud Computing Weekly Podcast with David Linthicum Our guest on the podcast this week is Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx and author of The Agile Architecture […]

Hey Cloud Devs- Strike a Pose, Please.

Agile Enterprise Architecture Finally Crosses the Chasm …executives seeking digital transformations of their organizations require a more agile approach to architecture than traditional EA has been […]

A Good Architect Is Like a Good Parent

Parenting is perhaps the most difficult job any of us is likely to have in our lifetimes, and we earnestly do our best as a rule. […]