Why Implement Cloud When Cloudwashing Will Suffice?

Surveys of IT executives regarding their Cloud Computing initiatives can be strangely misleading. Take for example two studies that fellow Forbes authors reported on over the […]
Marc Lankhorst

Enterprise Architecture: Key to Successful Business Transformations

In a recent article on Forbes.com with the provocative title “Is Enterprise Architecture Completely Broken?”, Jason Bloomberg gives a scathing critique of the state of practice in EA. […]

Is The Internet Of Things Doomed?

In the end, the IoT is a tool, just as all technology are tools and tools can be used well or poorly, for good or for […]

Seven Reasons Why the Internet of Things is Doomed

To paraphrase the immortal Facebook sage, there are three things in this world I hate: 1. Articles about buzzwords; 2: Irony; and 3: Lists. Let us […]