Is Enterprise Architecture Completely Broken?

Remember Milton, the red stapler guy from the movie Office Space? Useless to his company, he had been laid off years before, but due to an […]

WSO2: Enterprise Private PaaS for Grownups

I had worked with WSO2 during the ZapThink days when the company was just getting rolling, so I was particularly interested to see how far they’d […]

Architecture Technical Debt: The Curse of Agile?

Nowhere is the poor architect’s quest for respect more difficult than on Agile development teams. Even when Agilists admit the need for architecture, they begrudgingly call […]

Be Informed: SatNav for the Enterprise

As part of our mission to architect business agility for the enterprise, Intellyx has been interviewing vendors in support of our upcoming Agile Architecture Vendor Landscape […]