Two Digital Transformation Time Bombs

Adjectives like “swashbuckling” and “romantic” rarely if ever apply to enterprise technology, so the fact that “rogue” IT is now a Thing should give one pause. […]

Software Commoditization vs. Customization: Can We Ever Get What We Want?

I read with interest JP Morgenthal’s recent post on how SaaS represents the commoditization of application functionality for enterprises. He points out that based upon a […]

SOA & API Strategy, Tactics, and Convergence

From the HomePort @cobiacomm Blog by Chris Haddad, WSO2: In his Pragmatic SOA post, Jason Bloomberg states: it’s also an established best practice to take an […]

Software Customization: The Death of Agility

Can you imagine this scenario? You’re monkeying with your app of choice, say from Apple or Microsoft or perhaps from any of the throngs of vendors […]