Real-Time Semantic Enterprise App Integration: The Way To Deal With Dynamic Business

Real-time semantic enterprise application integration – that’s what SmartAlex agent technology from EnterpriseWeb has in store for businesses. With SmartAlex, a component of its EnterpriseWeb model-driven […]

Why Agile Software Architecture Will Never Be Agile

The reason Agile software architecture will never be agile is because it is by necessity focused on building software. In other words, it’s caught in a […]

The Agile Architecture Mind Map

It seems that most people who read the title of my book The Agile Architecture Revolution think I’m talking about Agile software architecture. In reality, I’m […]

Governance as a Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problem

Perhaps the most challenging concept in my book The Agile Architecture Revolution is the notion that enterprises are complex adaptive systems that exhibit emergent properties. Furthermore, […]