Webinar: Meeting Customer Expectations in the Digital Age: The Democratization of App Development

Digital disruption was 2017’s “hot topic,” but in 2018 you’re behind the curve if you haven’t moved from talk to action. From the CIO to the […]

Taming the IoT Wild Wild West with Enterprise Architecture

In most organizations, the rapid expansion of IoT deployments has happened with little strategic oversight as business leaders focused on seizing advantage. But this Wild Wild West approach now leaves enterprises in a precarious position as they begin to grapple with the security, data governance, and architectural complexities incumbent in this vast new technology territory.

Failing at Customer Success? Add Recursion to the Value Chain

Last week, I published an article for Forbes entitled Customer Success? Pull The Other Leg. In the article, I bemoan the fact that customer success initiatives […]

Top Cyberthreat Of 2018: Illicit Cryptomining

Ransomware is oh, so 2017. Today, all the smart hackers have turned to illicit cryptomining to fill their coffers. Due to a combination of a leaked […]