HostBridge Publishes ‘Guide to Creating CICS Web Services’

By HostBridge Technology  The need to make mainframe applications available as services has never been greater, as any enterprise with a mainframe is operating in a de […]

Three Essential Legacy Modernization Enablers of Hybrid IT

No word strikes more fear and loathing into the hearts of CIOs than legacy. The term is so reviled that software marketers are loathe to mention […]
OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado

‘Pulverize’ Your Monolithic Legacy Apps With Low-Code And Modern Architecture

The no-code and low-code markets continue to mature, as no-code vendors provide more complete, easy-to-use application construction tools for non-technical, ‘citizen’ developers – while low-code vendors […]

Low-Code and the Third Way of App Modernization

By WaveMaker Originally published by Charles Araujo in Intellyx BrainBlog While the primary driver of the low-code movement was to improve enterprise developer productivity and to create […]