Digital Transformation vs. IT Transformation: Confuse Them at your Peril

Digital transformation has been all the rage for half a decade now, but to this day, people are still confused about the specifics. IT transformation, on […]

Can Enterprises Really Pivot?

It's too soon to tell if enterprises — industrial age or otherwise — can, in fact, pivot. To have a chance, however, they must understand that pivoting will demand nothing less than a wholesale shake-up of the organizational structures and cultural norms that have brought them to this point.

Beware the Dangers of the Decentralized Web

Tim Berners-Lee, the famed inventor of the World Wide Web, has a new project: the Decentralized Web. His thinking is that great Internet powers like Facebook […]

Dump IoT to get IoT Right

IoT will be one of only a handful of genuinely transformative classes of technology, along with artificial intelligence (AI) and potentially blockchain — but only if enterprise leaders get it right.