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LightStep: Microservices APM for a Distributed Computing Future

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief On one hand, LightStep is a well-funded new Silicon Valley-based APM (Application Performance Management) startup that seems to be just emerging […]
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CloudBees: JenkinsX – An Ultimate Jenkins CI/CD for Containers

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief In a world where the companies that best automate software delivery win, there’s a new butler in DevOps town, and he’s […]

SUSE: Leveraging OpenStack for Kubernetes and Kubernetes for Cloud Foundry

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief SUSE is a popular enterprise Linux vendor with a multifaceted Kubernetes play. The SUSE Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform is a certified Kubernetes […]

Canonical Ubuntu: Charmed Distribution of Kubernetes

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Canonical is an open source vendor best known for its Ubuntu Linux distribution, which is perhaps the most popular Linux distribution […]