Digital Transformation Now | The Global Road Show for Digital Transformation and Low-Code Development

By OutSystems Digital transformation isn’t about achieving some final, digitally transformed state, but rather building change itself as a core competency. That’s why it’s critical to […]

Compuware y SonarSource llevan a DevOps la capacidad de verificar código COBOL testeado en entornos mainframe

By Con el anuncio, Compuware y SonarSource integran la cobertura de código mainframe en la era DevOps y alinean aún más el mainframe con el […]

Why Those We Trust with Our Money are Trusting SD-WAN

It is easy for business leaders to think about digital transformation exclusively in the context of digital customer interactions or the automation of business processes. But in the financial management and insurance industries, in particular, digital transformation has also impacted the way companies deliver services locally and when face-to-face.
IT must lose its ‘gatekeeper’ role to properly support citizen development.

Do Low-Code/No-Code ‘Citizen Developers’ Exacerbate Shadow IT?

As the low-code/no-code movement continues to explode, skeptics look askance at the trend and wonder if we’ve been down this road before. After all, we’ve seen […]