Cryptocurrency: Criminal vs. Law Enforcement Cat-and-Mouse Game

Using Bitcoin Or Other Cryptocurrency To Commit Crimes? Law Enforcement Is Onto You

Speculative bubble or no, perhaps the greatest challenge facing Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies in general, and the broader world of blockchain is the fact that all of these […]
Interactive voice technology has come a long way since the ‘press one for sales’ days.

Reinventing Interactive Voice Response For The Digital Era

Few technologies are more despised than interactive voice response (IVR). It doesn’t help that big companies have largely replaced the dreaded ‘press one for sales’ with […]

Podcast: The Trouble With Banking On Bitcoin with Jason Bloomberg

In this episode Cory talks to Jason Bloomberg of the Intellyx group. Jason recently wrote an article about Bitcoin called Seven Lies Bitcoin Fans Tell Themselves […]

Enterprise Architecture vs алхимия предприятия. Ключевые мифы

Тот же автор (Jason Bloomberg) утверждает, что за годы, прошедшие с момента основания Джоном Захманом нового направления «архитектура предприятия» (ЕА) в статье 1987 года в журнале […]