Statful: Agnostic Telemetry Monitoring Platform for Time-Series Data

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Statful offers a telemetry system that automates the instrumentation of a range of complex and high-performance environments that generate streams of […]

ThinkData Works: Single Pane of Glass Insights into Multiple Public Data Sources

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief ThinkData Works offers a platform for finding, connecting to, and normalizing data sets from over 250,000 public sources. Data sources include […]

Digital Fingerprints: User Login Behavioral Biometrics Tool for Detecting Impersonators

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Digital Fingerprints uses behavioral biometrics, a machine learning-based approach for identifying users based on their behavior, to add a layer of […]

Datree: GitHub Governance Tool for DevOps CI/CD

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief As organizations scale up their DevOps CI/CD efforts, they soon find that changes across the software deployment landscape become increasingly difficult […]