BPM Quotes of the Week – October 4, 2017

By BPM “Every business process must have a business purpose – an organizational goal that lines up with the profit driver of every private sector company […]

Mindbreeze: Rapid, Self-Training Cognitive Search ‘Insight Engine’

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Numerous vendors are touting artificial intelligence-driven enterprise search and knowledge management today. In many ways, the various offerings are quite similar, […]

Chris O’Malley (Compuware): “Aprovechar la nube para incorporar Agile y DevOps a las aplicaciones COBOL significa modernizar el mainframe de forma rápida y sencilla”

By ITCIO Editor Según Charles Araujo, analista principal de Intellyx “la modernización de las aplicaciones mainframe es un objetivo crítico para aquellas organizaciones que quieran competir en […]

NetEvents announces 2017 IoT, Cloud and Cybersecurity Innovation Awards

By Richard van der Draay For the Hot Start Up ­– Cybersecurity Award presented by Jason Bloomberg, President, Intellyx and Forbes contributor – Javelin Networks were chosen to receive the award.  […]