swarmOS: Visually Connecting Strategic Objectives to Software Projects

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Connecting an organization’s strategic objectives to the specific business and software projects that support them has been a problem since the very […]

LaunchDarkly: Bringing Feature Flagging to the Enterprise

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Web scale companies have long understood the importance of testing new features and interfaces with small subsets of their user population […]

Bitcoin: What People are Saying

By marketmakers And last but not least,  my personal favorite, let me introduce Jason Bloomberg from Forbes. When I read this one, I smiled, took a sip […]

Jason Bloomberg at CloudExpo: Digital Transformation Requires Enterprise-Wide Agile Transformation

Santa Clara Convention Center November 2 8:30 AM Agile has finally jumped the technology shark, expanding outside the software world. Enterprises are now increasingly adopting Agile […]