Splicer: The First Low Code, Open Source, Cross-Platform, Mobile App Development System

By Aaron Evans In a review of the leading “low code” platforms David Ramel explains we need them “to meet the insatiable demand for apps amid a […]

Can Technology Finally Replace Tribal Knowledge?

A significant risk burdens almost every major organization in the world. Despite repeated efforts, they have been unable to conquer this resilient foe: tribal knowledge. Most […]

藍色巨人AI危機!華爾街集體看衰IBM Watson未來發展

By Zhang Ting 《富比世》(Forbes)評論專員 Jason Bloomberg 於 7 月 2 日指出,Watson 在 2011 年贏得智力競賽節目《危險邊緣》(Jeopardy!)時,博得世人的無盡讚譽;可是時至今日,IBM 只持續地做有限的改進,而不是推出大幅改進的「Watson 2.0」,IBM 正將它聲稱在 AI 領域擁有的領導地位,拱手讓給一批極其創新的公司。 Read the entire article at http://www.ettoday.net/news/20170718/969445.htm?t=%E8%97%8D%E8%89%B2%E5%B7%A8%E4%BA%BAAI%E5%8D%B1%E6%A9%9F%EF%BC%81%E8%8F%AF%E7%88%BE%E8%A1%97%E9%9B%86%E9%AB%94%E7%9C%8B%E8%A1%B0IBM%20Watson%E6%9C%AA%E4%BE%86%E7%99%BC%E5%B1%95

Avionos: Disrupting IT Professional Services for the Digital Era

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Despite the level of digital disruption affecting almost every industry, it seems this phenomenon has passed over one industry leaving it […]