TmaxSoft: Flexible Mainframe Modernization

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief There are three main reasons why companies might want to migrate off of their mainframes: aging hardware, aging software, or aging […]

White Paper: Losing Your Religion: How to Move Past Dogma and Bring DevOps and ITIL Together in the Enterprise

The truth is that the modern IT organization needs elements from both DevOps and ITIL in order to effectively operate in a world that balances speed […]
Aryaka's Global POP Footprint

The Surprising State of the WAN

Company research reports typically depend upon surveys of preselected customers (rather than random respondents) and lack any basis on real traffic analysis, thus making their results […]

The Place of Business Architecture within Enterprise Architecture

By Iris Business Architect Searching for the Business Value of Enterprise Architecture A fairly recent Jason Bloomberg article in Forbes pointed out that “enterprise architects have used […]