The first-aid DevOps toolkit: What does it contain?

By Gabriela Motroc Jason Bloomberg: DevOps is not about the tools, so listing tools would be the wrong way to answer this question.There’s no question, however, that DevOps […]

DevOps Trends: Warum DevOps Unternehmen revolutioniert

By Redaktion JAXenter Vier Antworten: Was ist die Essenz von DevOps? Jason Bloomberg: Die Essenz von DevOps ist Empathie – Empathie für die eigenen Teammitglieder, Empathie für die […]

FIR B2B #70: The Peculiar PR Challenges of AI’s Resurrection, With Jason Bloomberg

By David Strom and Paul Gillin “On the one hand, AI is perhaps the most revolutionary set of innovations since the transistor. But on the other, […]

Observable Networks: Using End-Point Modeling to Deliver Security in an Encrypted World

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The evolution and adoption of end-point encryption over the last several years has caused a major challenge when it comes to […]