How to Use Conversation Bots to Build a Stronger Marketing Funnel

By Vanessa Castañeda Why Conversation Bots? A conversation bot can exchange information with other programs and humans, using the conventions of a natural-language conversation to gather data […]

SD-WAN Has Become a Central Part of How Organizations Implement Networking

By Silver Peak The Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking (SD-WAN) market has been maturing for several years now, as a wide variety of enterprises revamp not only their […]
OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado

‘Pulverize’ Your Monolithic Legacy Apps With Low-Code And Modern Architecture

The no-code and low-code markets continue to mature, as no-code vendors provide more complete, easy-to-use application construction tools for non-technical, ‘citizen’ developers – while low-code vendors […]

6 Essential Elements that Will Transform Your Digital Experience and ‘Wow’ Your Customer

The line between a digital experience that wows your customers, creates loyalty, and delivers increased revenue and margins, and one that sends them running for the […]