3rd Annual Mobile Playbook Provides Exclusive Insights for Driving Success with Enterprise Mobility Initiatives

By WebWire EndUserExperience2Day (EUE2Day) has released the 3rd Annual Mobile Playbook. This free educational resource encapsulates the best real-world mobile trends, insights and use cases, including […]

Data-driven Agility: Aus Daten wird Geschäft

By Urs M. Krämer Ausblick: Big-Data-gestützte Innovationen, nicht nur Optimierung Das Potenzial, aus dem Echtzeit-Feedback von IT-Systemen Abläufe und Geschäft zu verbessern, ist längst nicht ausgereizt. Jason […]

The Skunkworks Catch: The DevOps Virus in Action

Whenever the conversation in a large organization circles around to how to be more innovative, someone always brings up a skunkworks. According to Wikipedia, the original […]

Software-Defined Everything Begins With The Network

Last week, Las Vegas proved to be the center of gravity for the technology industry, as the EMC World and Interop conferences bookended an extended discussion […]