DevOps is Not About the Tools

By Pete Goldin “Asking what tool is a must-have to enable DevOps is like asking the Wizard of Oz for a heart,” explains Jason Bloomberg, President of […]

Rocana: Finding a Needle in a Never-Ending Barrage of Needles

Finding a needle in a haystack is a tough challenge right? Not if you have the right tools – simply run all the hay in the […]

Clusterpoint Adds JOINs to its Database Platform

People in the database world have long since become accustomed to tradeoffs – performance vs. scalability, availability vs. consistency, and so on. As the NoSQL (‘Not […]

The Three Threads of Digital Architecture

In last week’s Cortex newsletter, I introduced the following diagram of a customer-centric digital architecture, where digital architecture is shorthand for enterprise architecture that’s laser focused […]