ComputeNext: Multifaceted Cloud Marketplace

The Shifting Notion of a Cloud Service Brokerage Depending upon whom you ask, the notion of a Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) has many overlapping but different […]

Compuware Topaz(TM) Upgrade Empowers Millennial Development and QA Teams to Understand and Troubleshoot Mainframe Programs

Newest Release Adds COBOL and PL/l Code Visualization to Ensure IT’s Continued Ability to Master Applications Critical to Success in the Digital Economy Mainframe applications remain […]

Don’t Jump in the Data Lake

32. 47. 19. 7. 85. Congratulations! I just gave you five very important, valuable numbers. Or did I? If they were tomorrow’s winning Powerball numbers, then […]

Gigaom and the Question of Ethics and Advertising in News Business

By Daniel Green For instance, less than a month before Gigaom announced its closure, veteran journalist and political commentator for the Telegraph, Peter Oborne resigned from […]