The Lean WAN Edge

The Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking (SD-WAN) market has been maturing for several years now, as a wide variety of enterprises revamp not only their WAN architectures, but […]

White Paper: A Story of Identity in Digital Transformation

How did Watchful Health Insurance increase revenue without adding new customers or providers – while improving patient care? Health insurance in many regions is uncertain at […]

Can Enterprises Really Pivot?

It's too soon to tell if enterprises — industrial age or otherwise — can, in fact, pivot. To have a chance, however, they must understand that pivoting will demand nothing less than a wholesale shake-up of the organizational structures and cultural norms that have brought them to this point.

How to manage cloud app resource needs

The days of manual capacity planning and resource allocation are long gone. It’s time to join the world of dynamic cloud management. Watch and listen as […]