Playbook for Performance at Velocity New York 2014

In today’s increasing complex world, where users are expecting sub millisecond responsive website, “failure is just one click away”. Jason Bloomberg (@theebizwizard) at Forbes summarizes his impressions […]

Oracle: To Change or Not to Change

In some ways, Oracle’s self-congratulatory San Francisco shindig known as OpenWorld is as gripping as any Shakespearean tragedy. For all the buzz today about transformation, agility, […]

Surpassing the Flawed Human Using Big Data

Getting big data to do for us flawed humans what we cannot effectively accomplish for ourselves is an ongoing struggle. Jason Bloomberg’s recent post on […]

Omnichannel: More than a Digital Transformation Buzzword

Fresh from the deeply technical O’Reilly Velocity conference, I decided to tackle digital transformation from the opposite end of the spectrum at last week’s Innovation Enterprise’s […]