Scaling Agile Software Development for Digital Transformation

True digital transformation initiatives require change at multiple levels of the organization. Revamping the customer experience with digital technologies is never a superficial change, as it […]

Beware Thought Leadership Surveys that are Worse than Useless

“Never believe anything you read on the Internet.” – Abraham Lincoln Honest Abe never spoke a truer word – even though he didn’t say anything of […]

Digital Transformation Drives Disruption for Indian System Integrators

A generation ago, large technology consulting and system integration (SI) firms based largely out of India disrupted the SI industry with their low cost, offshore model […]

Adventures in Digital Real-Time Wonderland

In last week’s Forbes article I discussed various senses of the term real-time: low latency user interfaces, up-to-date information, live human interactions, and high-performance data processing […]