The Unofficial Weekly Stratis Retrospect #22 — Khilone

By Khilone Jason Bloomberg, a contributor, visited the London Blockchain Expo. After his visit, he wrote the following article ‘How To Make Money With Blockchain, Despite […]

Telegram cancels plan for public ICO after raising $1.7B in presales

By Duncan Riley Others are more skeptical yet. Analyst Jason Bloomberg on Forbes called the ICO a “scam among cryptocurrency scams,” claiming that the fundraising was nothing more than […]

A Look Behind the Scenes of Telegram (TON) Canceled ICO

By Kloy P.R.   Is Pavel Durov Truly Out Of Fund? Around February, when Telegram revealed it has generated $850 million in the first phase of its pre-ICO. […]

No code, low code : mythes et réalités

By François Tonic  Parfois on veut cibler le no code à une population précise. Ainsi pour Jason bloomberg (contributeur pour Forbes), le no code cible les développeurs […]