Đầu tư tiền ảo: Thiên đường trốn thuế kiểu mới

By Xaluan Kỳ vọng không tưởng Jason Bloomberg, Chủ tịch của Intellyx và là chuyên gia phân tích đầu ngành về cách mạng kỹ thuật số […]

Auth0: Identity Management for Everyone

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Identity management (IdM, or more commonly, Identity and Access Management, or IAM) is a mature market, with a number of established […]

What & Who Are Low-Code Business Application Platforms For?

Kintone: You’ve penned several Forbes articles about the rise of the citizen developer and how it’s pushing shadow IT aside. How did this all evolve? Why […]

How to decide the way you can embrace digital transformation

Take a look at this chart made by Jason Bloomberg if you plan to up your digital transformation game. It’s a very comprehensive chart about the […]