Data security is not an abstract idea or just another technical problem – a security breach is a crime and you need to have a digital CSI team

The lights flickered as the group entered the cavernous room. Pieces of shattered glass and anodized metal littered the floor. The racks, which should have been standing upright, were on the floor, clearly showing signs of a great struggle.

The crime scene investigation team surveyed the situation in the data center. Their job was to figure out just what had happened, who had committed what crimes and most importantly, what it was going to take to catch the crooks and put things back together.

At that moment, the chief investigative officer – the CIO, or simply “chief,” to her team – walked in and surveyed the crime scene, saying, “OK, team. Run it down for me.”

* * *

This story illustrates what it should feel like whenever there is a data breach within an organization. It’s a crime scene, and you should treat it like one. And it should be the goal of every CIO and corporate executive to never find themselves in the middle of one – but to be prepared to respond like a CSI team if they do.

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