Digital transformation is on the tip of every executive’s tongue, but according to a recent study, most organizations are failing to realize value from their efforts – putting CIOs in peril.

There are two ways to look at the current fate of the CIO role: Either the CIO is in the perfect place and time as the worlds of business and IT converge, or they are standing squarely in the “kill zone” waiting for those same converging forces to fell them.

I have been covering digital transformation for over three years and have watched with fascination as it has evolved from a new idea to its present state of frenzied hype. My hope was that as its mind share reached critical mass with business and IT executives, there would be a renaissance in strategy and action within executive suites.

Unfortunately, it appears that organizations have realized only the first half of that hope.

According to a recent CIO study conducted by Harvey Nash and KPMG titled, “Navigating Uncertainty,” there has been a 52% increase in organizations that now have an enterprise-wide digital strategy. More encouraging, a full 90% of organizations have either adopted an enterprise-wide strategy or have at least done so on a business unit level.

But that’s where the good news stops. According to this same study, which surveyed nearly 4,500 technology leaders in 86 countries and bills itself as the largest IT leadership study ever undertaken, the value realized from these digital strategies is severely wanting.

Only 18% of organizations claim to be very effective at utilizing their strategy, and a full 88% feel that their business has yet to fully benefit from it. What gives?

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