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Almost as soon as enterprise organizations accepted that Cloud Computing had become an indelible part of their technology stack, the industry started talking about something new: edge computing.

The premise is that as edge devices get smarter and generate ever-more data, more computing needs to take place at the edge with only a subset of data sent to the cloud for more resource-intensive processing, analytics and to teach cognitive platforms. But Tego believes that you may be looking at the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing all wrong.

The company believes that edge devices can do much more than just process some data locally. It thinks that it can make edge devices much “smarter” by enabling them to not only execute processes, but also to store data and perform asynchronous activities to enable a much more productive interaction that leads to more rapid decision making and actions. For instance, a Tego-enabled device can store maintenance records and provide an employee with immediate predictive maintenance recommendations — all without requiring connectivity or calls to an external compute resource.

The company accomplishes this through what it calls its Asset Intelligence Platform (AIP). This platform is essentially a distributed model similar to the chip-hardware/bus-OS stack at the heart of the personal computer (PC). The company’s version includes a proprietary chip, what they call ’tags’ (which is the equivalent of the ‘PC’ and serve as the bridge to the asset) and an OS-layer that runs on IOS and Android devices that enable direct interaction with the asset. It is an interesting approach that is likely a harbinger of how the edge computing market will develop.

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