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Modern workloads need a new type of infrastructure. At some level anyway, most enterprises are beginning to understand this fact. Traditional, fixed architectures are inadequate to handle the new data-intensive analytics, IoT and AI workloads that are becoming more prevalent in the modern enterprise. As a result, many enterprises have adopted the so-called scaled-out architectures used by companies such as Google and Amazon that distribute resource demand across large clusters of commodity servers.

According to startup DriveScale, however, resource-constrained enterprises require even greater flexibility. The company’s solution creates what it calls software composable infrastructure that takes the basic tenants of a scaled-out architecture one step further by disaggregating standard servers into pools of compute and storage. The result is a dynamically-definable server and compute infrastructure that an enterprise can tailor to the specific needs of each workload.

According to the company, this approach simplifies deployment, enables enterprises to right-size their compute-to-storage ratio on a workload-by-workload basis, allow for more rapid resource reconfiguration and redeployment, enables enterprises to manage compute and storage lifecycles independently, and increases the responsiveness of the IT organization overall. Moreover, being able to dynamically compose a workload-specific infrastructure stack within the data center, enables organizations to increase automation and replicate a cloud-like environment for their critical on-premises and data-intensive workloads.

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