Inside a secret Chinese Bitcoin mine

Bitcoin: The Queen of the Cyberwar Chessboard

In last week’s article for Forbes, I questioned the purpose of the radically innovative cybercurrency Bitcoin. Libertarians, criminals, speculators, and consumers all have an angle – […]

Why The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™ is The Next Evolution Beyond Today’s Cloud Implementation?

By Philippe Abdoulaye Let’s take the notion of IT service which is mistakenly confused with the modules of ITSM software (e.g., BMC ITSM); how many of these Big […]

Bitcoin in the Headlines: BitLicense Arrives, But Wild West Remains

By Yessi Bello Perez It wasn’t all good news for bitcoin. Following Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht’s life sentence last week, it was not surprising to see how […]

Bitcoin: In Search Of Purpose

Silk Road kingpin Ross Ulbricht’s recent conviction and life sentence was more than simply a crackdown on a massive online black market for illegal drugs. It […]