Yoti: Digital Identity for Know Your Customer

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The blockchain-based sovereign identity market is quite crowded, but Yoti takes a different approach in that it isn’t blockchain based. Yoti […]

SelfKey: Blockchain-Based Identity for Expats

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief SelfKey joins the crowded blockchain-based sovereign identity market with a secure identity wallet that supports know your customer (KYC) processes at […]
Spare any underpants?

Blockchain’s ‘Underpants Gnomes’ Problem

In a classic episode of South Park, the boys encounter a lair of Underpants Gnomes – so named because they run a business collecting underpants. Their […]

IAME: Decentralized Identity for the Crypto World

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief IAME is entering the crowded decentralized identity market with an offering that centers on the notion of ‘microfragments.’ IAME breaks up […]