Environments-as-a-Service “Essential” for Enterprise Dev & Test

By Noel Wurst Jason Bloomberg recently put together his thoughts and advice for those looking to scale DevOps within their organizations, and Skytap’s EaaS play an […]

The Bimodal IT Debate Heats Up

By Ted Smillie However, the Gartner approach has its critics. Probably the most forthright is Jason Bloomberg, who wrote an article Beware the Dangers of Bimodal […]

Skytap: Environments-as-a-Service Essential for Enterprise Software Development

You’re a large enterprise with a complex internal software development effort. You’ve had some success with Agile over the years, but quality could be better and […]

Salesforce Acquisition: ‘End Of Beginning’ For Cloud

In the days since a Bloomberg article let slip that Salesforce might be on the block, there has been no end of punditry regarding potential suitors. […]