Editorial: Turning the Tide Against Hackers

+Forbes contributor +Jason Bloomberg with +Intellyx has a great piece about the details of this struggle, and what #cybersecurity  must do as a result: It’s getting increasingly difficult and […]

Compuware Dynatrace split means big things for APM vendor

Jason Bloomberg, who covers APM as CEO of Boston-area consultancy Intellyx LLC, said Dynatrace’s fortunes will depend on whether the company will be able to capitalize […]

Small Business Workshop: Putting the “How-To” in Resilience

According to the recent Forbes article by Jason Bloomberg, Innovation: The Flip Side of Resilience, “resilient organizations and innovative organizations share essential core competencies.” The same […]

When Will IT Vendor Marketing Get with the Digital Program?

At Intellyx our focus is on digital transformation, so I spend a lot of my time helping digital professionals understand how to leverage the various technology […]