Meta-Architecture: The Solution to Architecture Technical Debt?

By Francis Lash One of the mantras of Agile development teams is to do “just good enough” to get the job done. This is what drives […]

Hey Gartner, Where’s Your Dog Food?

IT industry analyst behemoth Gartner is having their Symposium shindig this week in Orlando, where they made such predictions as “one in three jobs will be […]

Six heresies for enterprise architecture

In a recent article in Forbes, Jason Bloomberg asks if Enterprise Architecture (EA) is “completely broken”.  He reckons it is, and that EA frameworks, such as […]

Five of the latest marketing buzzwords and what they actually mean

Instead of multichannel, which would be an accurate way to describe marketing on a range of platforms, the industry has now moved to the buzzword ‘omnichannel’. […]