DXL Apparel, Manchester, CT

No-Code Digital Transformation At Retailer DXL

Under enormous pressure to transform from the likes of Amazon.com and Walmart, the ‘bricks and mortar’ retail industry has been struggling to reinvent itself for a […]

The Application Context for Network Compliance

When you think of compliance, what comes to mind? Maybe regulatory compliance, a challenge that elicits dread across the business? Or perhaps service-level agreement (SLA) compliance? […]
2017 Retro and 2018 Predictions - Intellyx

Time to Pop the Bubble: Intellyx Retrospective and Predictions for 2018

Following a tradition dating back to 2002 at ZapThink and continuing at Intellyx since 2014, it’s time for Intellyx’s annual predictions for the coming year. If […]

White Paper: Is your DevOps Lean? Not if Your Toolchain Isn’t

Many organisations are implementing DevOps today. DevOps owes its heritage to a combination of Agile and Lean. For many organisations though, the plethora of tools they […]