Jongjanet Appspeed: No-Code Platform for Data Entry

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Jongjanet is a Korean no-code software vendor that has put together Appspeed, an easy-to-use platform for business users to build simple […]

TidalScale: Combining Multiple Commodity Servers into One Massive Virtual Server

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Traditional hypervisor technology takes individual physical servers and divides them into multiple, smaller virtual machines (VMs), appropriate for tasks that can […]

Elastifile: Software-Defined, Cross-Cloud Data ‘Fabric’

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Like other Software-Defined Storage vendors, Elastifile implements a single abstraction across multiple, diverse data stores in order to create a global […]

Keynote: Leading Your Organization into the Digital Future

Keynote for XII International Congress by PMI Poland Chapter Warsaw Poland November 27 We are in the midst of a fundamental transition from the Industrial Age […]