First Kintone Connect Conference Tackles Challenges of Business Transformation in the Digital Age

Kintone Connect is a one-day conference that will bring together business leaders from across the country to discuss the challenges of digital transformation and how organizations can […]

The Quantum Age Is Almost Upon Us and We Need to Start Taking It Seriously

By Greg Satell  The Encryption Problem The future of quantum computers is profoundly exciting, but it also comes with a catch. Cryptologists use the limitations of our […]

微服务:Java EE的拯救者还是掘墓人?

By Shell Sec 随着微服务逐渐流行起来,很多厂商开始尝试把他们的Java EE Web服务转成微服务,这样他们就可以继续卖他们的过时产品,API Gateway就是这些厂商中的一个。 Jason Bloomberg是Intellyx的主席,他在一篇文章里指出了传统Web服务和微服务的区别,并对把传统Web Read the entire article at

Transforming Enterprise Architecture for Digital Empowerment

By Laura Mauersberger CRACK THE CODE In our latest white paper, Jason Bloomberg strips away any vague definitions of the EA role and redefines the group as […]