LogicMonitor: SaaS-Based Operations Monitoring Across On-Premises and Cloud

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief LogicMonitor uses lightweight collectors to gather operational time-series data across a wide variety of infrastructure, both on-premises and in the cloud. […]

Fugue: Preventing Out-of-Compliance Cloud Deployments

An Intellyx Brain Candy Update When Intellyx first wrote about Fugue in December 2016, it was just ramping up its cloud governance as a service offering […]

Baffle: End-to-End Data Encryption as a Service

An Intellyx Brain Candy Update Intellyx wrote about Baffle in February 2017, as it was in the process of bringing its innovative approach to data encryption […]


By cniteyes IBM 近年来的财报也不争气,根据 IBM最新财报连续22个季度下滑,创下 2002 年一季度以来最低水平,虽然云计算收入有增长的趋势,但是被投资者们寄予厚望的 Watson没能将IBM从日益萎缩的传统业务的泥淖中拯救出来,财报表现一踏糊涂,没有勾勒出当初 Watson 发展所预设的美好蓝图。(Forbes)评论专员 Jason Bloomberg 更是指出,Watson 在 2011 年赢得智力竞赛节目《危险边缘》(Jeopardy!)时,博得世人的无尽赞誉,可是时至今日,IBM 只持续地做有限的改进,而不是推出大幅改进的「Watson 2.0」,IBM 正已然从AI 领域的领导地位中滑落,拱手让给了一批极其创新的公司。 Read the entire article at http://www.cniteyes.com/archives/32571