FirstEigen’s DataBuck: Using Machine Learning to Improve Data Quality

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Data is now one of an enterprise organization’s greatest assets. It is critical to improving the customer experience, to enhancing business […]

The Best Way for Dev and Ops to Collaborate – Part 2

By DevOps Digest VIEW DEV AND OPS AS ROLES Things don’t collaborate, people do. “Dev” and “ops” are roles, not people – and a role is […]

8 Takeaways From Our First-Ever Kintone Connect Digital Workplace Conference

By Kintone Team 2. The Low-Code/No-Code Revolution is About Empowering Users Contrary to popular belief, the low-code/no-code does not mean putting developers out of work. Rather, […]

Kintone Connect 2017 Keynote — Jason Bloomberg

By kintone “Making Sense of the Low-Code, No-Code Revolution” by Jason Bloomberg, President of Intellyx Watch the entire video at