The Cloud and the Edge: The Twain Shall Meet

By Carl Weinschenk  “The need to intricately choreograph the interactions between the edge and the core/cloud/whatever (and it’s not a simple two-tier architecture, it’s actually a complex, […]

Automic announces continuous delivery for SAP environments

By CA Southern Africa CA Southern Africa has announced that Automic Software, a leader in business automation software owned by CA Technologies, has released a radical […]

Mattermost: An Open Source Communication Platform Designed for the Enterprise

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief There is a direct relationship between an enterprise development team’s ability to communicate and its effectiveness in delivering value to the […]

Klera: Optimizing Application Development in a Time of Complexity

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief There’s a dirty little secret that enterprise leaders discuss only in hushed voices: the application development portfolio is growing increasingly complex. […]