Meet Travel & Payment Disruptor in Blockchain Expo North America

By XcelTrip Day 2–29 November 2018 (Time: 10:40am to 11:20am) KEYNOTE PANEL: What Does the Future Hold for Blockchain Technology in the Luxury Goods Industry?: Recognizing counterfeit […]

How to Use Conversation Bots to Build a Stronger Marketing Funnel

By Conversy Early IVR systems were endlessly frustrating for users, since the inputs they recognized were limited to a handful of phrases, and their ability to […]
Dimensional Mechanics logo - Intellyx BrainCandy

Dimensional Mechanics: A Deployment-Agnostic AI Platform for Automating Machine Learning

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief AI presents a steep design challenge. Building deep learning into software and devices requires a specialized set of advanced skills not […]

ALTR: Fragmenting Sensitive Corporate Data in a Decentralized Private Ledger

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Current security vendors are largely obsessed with either preventing unauthorized access to the perimeter of the corporate network, or securing user […]