Intellyx Principal Analyst & CMO Jason 'JE' English

Introducing Jason ‘JE’ English, the Newest Principal Analyst at Intellyx

SUFFOLK VA, NOVEMBER 1, 2018 – I am pleased to announce that Jason ‘JE’ English has joined Intellyx as Principal Analyst and CMO today. JE – […]
5 Whale-Sized Megatrends from JE

Unsalting the Whale-Sized Megatrends of Enterprise Transformation

Call me JE. I’m returning from years at sea, working within scrappy development tool startups, and multi-billion-dollar enterprise IT vendors. Seeing enterprise applications move from the […]

Jason Bloomberg to Speak at Blockchain Expo North America

By Derek Little How will your talk be meaningful for Blockchain Expo attendees? “While I write about enterprise blockchain, I’m a well-known skeptic about cryptocurrency and […]

NoOps? Or Yes, Ops! The Future of IT Operations in a DevOps World

By Aaditya Aravamudhan What are my key takeaways from this webinar? What should be the role of IT ops in the new modern, hybrid, multi-cloud, cloud-native world […]