Basic Arithmetic for Bringing Web Scale and Business Velocity to the Enterprise

At last week’s Delivery of Things World conference, we heard a remarkable diversity of DevOps success stories, as well as various ‘in progress’ accounts. Perhaps most […]

From “Science Project” to Real Value

By BWF Insight Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg recently wrote about big data themes emerging from the Strata+Hadoop World conference, held at the end of September in New York. […]

Digital Transformation – You’re Probably Doing it Wrong

Digital transformation is unquestionably a blisteringly hot topic across enterprises today. Companies in every industry have fallen into the vast digital maelstrom, as customer demands and […]

Cyber House of Horrors: Advanced Persistent Threats

As a rule, hackers are a lazy crowd. Given a choice between a well-protected target and an easy one, they’ll attack the easy one every time. […]